hands on lighting

hands on lighting

Handmade wood carved accent lamps. One is made of solid pine, another consists of basswood pieces.

Size is close to real hand — 30 cm length.

Covered with danish oil, polished.

Should be located on wall.

strong pine guy lamp

strong pine guy lamp

Handmade carved desk lamp. Made from pine wood (wood structure is good visible and lightened). Carving was performed from one big solid piece of pine wood.

Height 30 cm.

I took the big piece of wood and being amazed with its strenght and structure carved this solid man.

This is sculpture of strong man who is growing out the rock. His hood covers bright LED light, which give directional lighting to desk, book, writing. The wood structure of pine strenghten the force of this strong man.

The lamp is great gift for people who faces problems in creative exploration and need encouragement and inspiration in their work

Sculpture is covered with danish oil. Supplied with LED lamp.

Could be used as cute desk lamp. Very inspirational thing.

6-pieces hood lamp

6-pieces hood lamp

Handmade sculpture desk lamp, made from the pieces of basswod. Handcarved. Supplied with LED light. Covered with natural danish oil.

Height 24 cm.

This is cute lamp for desk or for using as nightlight.

Could be performed in other sizes.

photographer lamp

photographer lamp

This is the sculpture of female photographer with builted light in camera lense.

Girl is performed with pieces of basswood with different structures. Very scurpurously polished and covered with danish oil.

I have used the vintage camera lense (appriximately 1970s), took glass off and builted inside the LED light.

Lens diapraghm is working properly, so light beam could be adjusted.

The lamp standing on table gives very directed light. You can read book or write your essay under it.

Very inspiration art, wonderful gift for photographer or videomaker. For him or for her. For person whose work is connected with photo or video creating.

Because of adjusting light beam this art could be used both as desk lamp or night lighter.