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Creating wood sculpture for me is very eventful process. It begins from idea which could be caught anywhere. Than I need to fix the idea into small plasticine, graphic, zbrush 3D or photo sketch. These ideas are very carefully stored in my head, phone, computer and workshop.

After that I take such sketches and make full size plasticine model to be familiar with all shapes. Next stage consists in finding the piece of wood to carve. Mostly I glue few pieces of wood for my sculptures and some of them composed of big quantity of pieces for getting interesting structure.

Then woodcarving starts when you take the piece of wood and create «Essense in the form». After carving there are long procedures of sanding, polishing, cleaning and covering with oil. Final stages for lamps are electricity patching and LED lamp installation.

Here you can find out some photos of my workprocess. I usually doing a few projects simultaneously, so depending on mood can switch between them.


I was in love with sculpture in childhood. Even had finished art school. But then forgot for a while about this passion. Once in dark and cloudy autumn of 2015 I spontaneously bought a few kilos of plasticine. Than thought that it would be great to try woodcarving. I organised little workspace close to my flat and studying how to create essences in the form.

For living I work in IT sphere in Business Development roles and perform the list of my Internet projects. Have wonderful wife and her odious dog. Live in Kyiv, Ukraine. Studying blues dancing.


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